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viernes, 22 de agosto de 2008

An interactive table with EyesWeb+PD+GEM;

[Maitane Puebla& Charo Carril]
We could say that this is a prototype construction of interactive round table with "computer vision." This means that from an external element to a video camera-in this case a "webcam" -depending on one or other action recorded by the camera in real time a software application generates a behavior or another.
A program of computer vision detects the color, size and shape of some elements that operate almost like a slider sintetizador.Whem move the rods from top to bottom, a total of 16 sounds make differents answers. Each rank of displacement launching a new sound or a low pass filter depending on wich of the five parts that divided the table is in it.Eyesweb detects the color, and can submit OSC (Open Sound Control)to the launch of a PD or another sampler with its loaded. Also part of the image is made with the library GEM PD communicated with Eyesweb by OSC.This enables you to enjoy with the geometrive forms that this can generate.

[View OSC(Open Sound Control)]

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